The Gourmet’s Christmas Plum Pudding

Itha, (pron. I-tha) has been hand-making her gourmet Christmas Plum Puddings for over 50 years to a traditional recipe inherited from her grandmother. This old fashioned recipe dates back to at least 1912.

Made with only top quality fruit and ingredients, Itha’s puddings are moist, heavy with fruit and very, very tasty. The traditional recipe is also the base for our very popular Gluten Free pudding which tastes so great most of our GF clients feed it to everyone at their table (and they don’t even know!). Our Apricot & Macadamia puddings as well as our Triple Chocolate sensations are a variation on the original – updated for modern, younger palates.

Every pudding is individually handmade. Puddings are cooked up to ten hours and then hung to age and mature, ensuring each pudding is unique with the look, feel and taste of yesteryear.

Imagine your Christmas table this year with a beautiful Itha’s Pudding as the centerpiece. You can even ‘flame’ your pudding with brandy and really create an unforgettable experience for family and friends. Itha guarantees you will love her puddings as much as her own family does. They truly are ‘just like Nana used to make’. And of course, as everyone knows,


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